Ian Williams has spent the past 20 years holding various corporate leadership roles and carried out numerous business transformations, managing teams in the thousands and delivering multi-million dollar improvements across Australia and the UK.


Ian Williams, founder and coach at "On Point", had to learn leadership the hard way. Going through the ranks and experiencing leaders on both sides of the emotional-intelligence spectrum, was surely challenging, but those experiences and working in various leadership roles himself  have taught Ian to weaponize a systematic approach to creating great culture and consequential high performing teams. Through "On Point", Ian shares from his own wins and challenges, his exact blueprint for achieving this in each of the sessions he runs. 


It's not hard to be a great leader! At "On Point" we are convinced, that everyone can be a leader and it's all about yourself in order to improve on your personal journey! As leaders we see potential growth in every single situation we encounter: We grow from the negative as much as from positive experiences. Being a leader doesn't stop when you put your pen down and leave the office. Our aim is to develop genuine leadership skills and incorporate a "Leadership-Mindset", which will help you throughout in life. Only then, you'll enable your team and yourself to perform to your full potential.


Culture can be assimilated to a computer operating system with everything else plugging in like apps. Culture is a fragile ecosystem, this crucial base that defines your team, organisation or company and which takes time to build and even more effort to maintain. Once achieved though, it drives high performance in an enjoyable working environment. As leaders we must engage and protect our culture at all costs - and we're doing that by focussing on what is giving our culture soul: Our People! 


"Don't Be A Manager, Be A Leader!"


At "On Point’’ we understand the importance of leadership and the impact it can have on our customer's team and business and that’s why we created bespoke programs that are tailored to your business objectives, timeframe and budget.

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When it comes to leadership, you’ve got to earn your position.
To be a strong leader, you must possess the perfect culmination of skills, experience and commitment to vision and people. This kind of leadership will motivate and inspire teams to work collectively, perform and keep the target moving.
We create bespoke programs  tailored to your business objectives, time frame and budget that teaches you how to harness each of these factors and effectively achieve your business goals. 

  • Create and sell corporate vision using inclusion tactics
  • Generate results through buy-in and genuine care for your team
  • Cultivate strong company culture
  • Foster strong communication and decision-making skills
  • Understand the Importance of good character and leading by example
  • Build team connections to drive influence
  • Understand the power of reward and recognition of your team
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We have also created a series of interactive leadership workshops and team building activities all under one roof.
We partner with Sydney’s thrilling axe throwing venue ‘Kiss My Axe’ to offer a completely scheduled, catered, hassle free day for your team and even give you the option to use the fully equipped office space and function room with your booking. The leadership development and team building events are fun and memorable, but most importantly endeavour to bring about transformation, company culture and corporate performance and provide a great way to reward your team for all their hard work. 

  • Teamwork & Bonding
  • Communication Skills
  • Trust & Respect
  • Leadership & Responsibility
  • Confidence
  • Value & Morale
  • Genuine Fun & Memorable Experiences
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Get Ian to be a Keynote Speaker at your venue to introduce your audience to the world of leadership.

In his 60-90 minute keynotes, Ian shares his approach to creating great culture and high performing teams – based on his own wins and challenges. Audiences will walk away inspired with impactful strategies to harnessing their personal development and vigorously commit to vision and people to stay ‘on point’.

You pick a topic and Ian can pull from one of his many experiences to provide some powerful examples to ensure that your message is delivered with impact that resonates with your audience.  

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Free the inner Leader with this 4 week mentoring program on life and work with Ian Williams.

To release your inner leader it is essential to have a mentor in order to kickstart your journey.
Through his career Ian has always mentored his teams and peers in need. This doesn’t need to be business related, as work and our life outside the office are inseparably linked. In your weekly sessions with Ian, you will work on your personal goals in a constant feedback loop!

By making the decision to commit to this program, you are taking the first step in taking control of the direction of your career and life.

Make that commitment to yourself today and sign up!


"Stop Talking The Talk, Start Walking The Walk!"


Nothing happens until something moves! So, now it's your turn to reach out and lift up bar when it comes to leadership.  Send us a message describing your enquiry or call us under: +61 478 686 130 

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